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Thursday, Oct 29th, 6:00 – 7:00pm PST

Four secrets to create
habits that Last.

Join me in this transformative seminar
and learn how to:

  • Create lasting change EVEN when you are being
    your own worst enemy?

  • Learn how to stay motivated EVEN after the
    WORST slip.

  • Discover the power of pause and tune into what really matters to you.

  • Learn how long it really takes to create a habit that lasts and how to get there.

Does life sometimes feel too hard to manage and as a result you feel
depleted and have some habits that aren’t serving your greatest potential?

Have you tried different routines, workshops, affirmations, but nothing
has really helped you to create lasting, meaningful change?

Now is the time to change that. This is your opportunity to claim what you
want in your life. Be true to yourself and join me!

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