Welcome to the Mindfully Nourished
Webinar and Q & A Download page.

There are 2 downloads and a link for you on this page.
First, the “Habits that Last” webinar from February 5th.

Second, a special Q & A recording I created which will answer your FAQs
about the Mindfully Nourished class. In addition to the FAQs on this recording
I have also included interviews with past participants of the class who
talk about how the class has changed their lives.

There is also a button below which will
link to the information page for the class

Important instructions for downloading:
Right-click on the button below and select “Save as…” “Save Link As…” or
“Save target as…”, select your download location and click Save.

Right-Click here to downloadthe "Habits That Last" MP3
Right click here todownload the QA recording