No Holding Back:
Manifest the life you really want

Are you excited to step into a
vision for your life that excites you?

Come join us in the Mindfully Nourished Mastery Program
and accomplish something really BIG.

Work with me personally in a small and intimate group.


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About Carley Hauck

Carley is the founder of Intuitive Wellness and works as an integrative life coach, instructor, and consultant in research and with worksite organizations. Carley holds a Masters Degree in health psychology and has over 12 years of experience in designing, teaching and coaching thousands of clients in healthy transformative change. She has worked with companies such as LinkedIn & Pixar and teaches on a variety of health and wellness courses at Stanford University.

She is the creator of Mindfully Nourished, an online evidence based mindfulness and wellbeing course that engages one in how to live a fully nourished life.

Do you want to break through the #1 pattern that gets in your way for actualizing this life?

Do you want to learn how to connect to your intuition so that you can make the best decisions for yourself?

Work with me personally in a small and intimate group.


You have learned how being part of a powerful and supportive community can really catalyze the life you can have and want.

We don’t know what the potential is for our life. To align with the greatest possibility for ourselves, we can start to make shifts from a place of fear to power. By creating a life that we want NOW, we invite opportunities to enter into our life that are aligned with our greatest good and deepest yearnings.

In the mastery class, I am going to ask you to choose an area of focus with an intention to manifest something BIG in your life. This may be changing your relationship with food, big love, changing gears in your career so that you are fully aligned with your purpose, loving yourself like you never have before, etc.

What do you want for your life right now?


What story is holding you back today?




In the next 3 months, we will gather as a small, intimate and powerful group supporting and lifting each other up towards our highest potential. We will let go of old fears, make a commitment, suspend our stories of limitation, show up, deepen our self-love and awareness, grow and realize the greater possibility for our lives.

Who is this course for ?

For many of you, you have taken personal growth courses, read books, or even joined me in some of my offerings over the years. As a result of your investing in yourself you started shifting patterns that may have felt impossible to change.

You had a taste of what is truly possible for your life and you want more.

You have learned how being part of a powerful and supportive community can really catalyze the life you can have and want.

I reclaimed my power.
So can you.

I can lead you to this place because I have been through hard times, I have learned how to be resilient in the face of major difficulty, I have a powerful toolbox to share with you, and I have stepped into my power to create a meaningful, healthy, and purposeful life and you can too.

You have had your own version of difficulty and it is all part of your preparation to fulfill your purpose and life’s mission. You are ready to take the reigns and step through to the other side and it is why I have shown up in your life right now and why this course is available.

I am here to remind you of what you’re
here to do and what really matters to you.

I am ONLY taking 10 people for this course.

If you have any questions click here to send me a direct email.

Mastery Program (May 21st-July 31st)

The 3 month mastery program is an opportunity for continued transformation with deeper learning, more teaching, an in person retreat, more one on one support and coaching with Carley. Lastly you will be forming life long bonds
with a mindful community who are committed to living a fully nourished life.


What is included:

Three Month Coaching Program:

  • Three 75 minute New Classes (1 a month- See topics below)

  • Three 75 minute Group Coaching Calls (1 a month)- These are vibrant, exclusive calls only for this group. This is where I get to mentor you and get to know each one of you very personally.

  • Emails in between calls for extra support.

  • 1 hour private consultation with Carley- This is an opportunity for me to align and help you truly manifest something BIG in your life.

  • Private Online Community- You’ll have exclusive access to our private online community created especially for members of this group to share their experience and support each other throughout this journey.

  • 3 downloadable handouts of all 3 classes.

  • Recordings of all calls and classes.

  • Weekly Monday inspirational emails & practice reminders.


  • An intimate daylong retreat

    July 31, 2015
    10am – 4pm
    St Helena, CA

    wooden cottage house

Three 75 Minute Classes:

Seminar #1 (May)

Ignite your Vitality:
The Keys to Optimal Health & Well-Being

  • Learn the secrets to having more energy
  • Cultivate a healing ritual that works for you!
  • Create combinations of foods that keep you glowing
    all summer long
Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Beauty Girl Outdoor.

Seminar #2 (June)

Fall in love with your self:
Filling yourself up so that you can
give and receive love from others

  • Learn to love and accept yourself just as you are today
  • Learn how to really listen to your feelings and needs and let your intuition guide you
  • Cultivate self -love practices that stick

Seminar #3 (July)

Claim Your Power:
Release patterns of the past

  • Let go of limiting stories and access your power
  • Develop inner radiance and attract what you REALLY want to you
  • Stand and commit to the life you want with 3 action steps
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Inner Circle Retreat:


Each student who participates is invited to an In person transformative retreat as a gift from my heart to yours. This is my FAVORITE part! This retreat will be hosted in a nearby location in the North Bay of California (location to be announced) absolutely gorgeous country town. This is where you’ll be entering a sacred, healing vortex with your classmates, gathering in a flow of beautiful abundance, heart-opening inspiration, healing, and fun!

This course starts May 14th, 2015 Thursday Evening.

What are you waiting for? Join us.

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Pay in 2 easy installments of $350 each


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Kudos for Carley’s work

“…I feel renewed!”

I have been working with Carley for the past three months now and I feel renewed! I came to Carley for so many various reasons- stress, fear, and just general helplessness. She has taught me through mindfulness to approach life with compassion and love (things I never knew could effect my daily life). She gave me tools to help develop myself into a more present and aware person. Truly an encyclopedia in her field. She is a wonderful teacher and mentor. I am happy to continue my journey with Carley along side me.

Colleen G.

“…I feel confident, focused,
and motivated…”

This course definitely changed my life. I was struggling to create a healthy foundation for myself and slipped into some negative habits. My relationships were suffering, my focus at work was lacking, and I felt sad and somewhat hopeless. The daily practices in self awareness, positive psychology, and health allowed me to turn things around. I feel confident, focused, and motivated for the life I have the future I am creating.

Dave M.

“…I very much recommend her…”

Carley came into my life years ago and she remains a rock in my life today. She is resourceful and able to guide me through whatever challenge I am having. From relationships, to work stress, to career shifts, Carley has been able to support me through it all. It’s wonderful to have a constant, objective perspective and we all deserve to treat ourselves to that. Carley is warm and grounded and helps me be mindful. I very much recommend her and her courses if you need some balance in your world.


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Class Instructor: Carley Hauck

Carley is the founder of Intuitive Wellness and works as an integrative life coach, instructor, and consultant in research and with worksite organizations. Carley holds a Masters Degree in health psychology and has backgrounds in yoga, meditation, psychotherapy, coaching, behavior change, and nutrition. Carley is a graduate of Spirit Rocks Dedicated Practitioners Program and has had a long-standing meditation and yoga practice.

She specializes in teaching others how to use mindfulness to foster self-awareness, health, happiness, and love. Carley has been a lead consultant in several research studies observing the long-term benefits of mindfulness as it relates to health, well-being, and the prevention of disease. Carley has worked with thousands of clients helping support them in transformative changes. She teaches on the subjects of Happiness, Becoming a Better You, Mindful Nourishment and Food as Medicine at Stanford University and Stanford’s Center for Integrative Medicine.


More kudos for Carley’s work

“…I have found a way to be a source of calm and support for myself…”

A goal of mine was to be a positive influence in the lives of the people around me. From this course, I have found a way to be a source of calm and support for myself and therefore for others in my life.

Thank You! Pam F.

“…I have finally found the instruction manual for living.”

I met Carley when she came to my workplace to teach a mindfulness course. Just when life was turning most purposeless and confusing, Carley taught me there is a way of looking inside at all that mess, and turn it into peace. I feel like I have finally found the instruction manual for living.


Have questions?

If you have any questions about
the Mastery Course, we’re here to help!

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