Mindfully Nourished

Too busy taking care of everyone and everything
else to pursue the life YOU really want?

“More Expert Guidance and Support to Engineer Life-Long Change Than You’ll Get Virtually Anywhere Else…Guaranteed! Following my evidence-based
Stanford course.”

~Carley Hauck, Stanford University Instructor~

Class Dates:
8 weeks of LIVE Tuesday night classes
between March 8th and April 26th

  • Leverage evidence based, scientific methods to accomplish your goals…

  • Work with experts in the fields of mindfulness, positive
    psychology, integrative medicine, and behavior change…

  • Tested and proven method integrates ALL aspects of your life for more permanent change: Relationships, nutrition, sleep, exercise, resilience, purpose, and more…

Do At Least 3 of These Apply to You and Your Life?

(Check all that apply)

  • I am a talented person overwhelmed by too many tasks and relationships.

  • I enjoy my life, but often feel like I’m going through the motions and I am not aligned with what really has purpose and meaning to me.

  • I am feeling depleted and have gotten into some habits and patterns that aren’t serving me.

  • I know how to eat well, exercise regularly, and how much sleep I really do best on, but keeping a healthy routine feels very difficult to
    maintain and structure.

  • I’ve tried lots of things to create lasting, meaningful change …. different routines, workshops, visualizations, affirmations… but nothing has
    really helped me.

  • I have many people in my life, but I am longing for authentic and
    nurturing relationships.

  • I really want to slow down and refocus my life, but I’m not sure how or
    where to start.

  • I can be really hard on myself and would like to incorporate more self compassion, but I feel uncomfortable offering kindness towards myself.

  • I have great aspirations and ideas, but my inner critic and fear often get in the way of My truly manifesting what I really want and need.

  • I am ready to break through and have what I really want!

Imagine living a life
that is slower,
where you feel happy,
purposeful and
in the flow…

Imagine taking time
to nourish your
mind, body, and heart,
feeling centered and
appreciating the
life you have.

Imagine connecting
with yourself and
your relationships
with compassion
and authenticity.

Imagine that you can
easily tap into your
feelings and needs to
best articulate and access
what you really want
in any situation.

Imagine every day
you find a way to
nourish yourself and
the things most
important to you.

Imagine coming back
into balance with a
whole set of tools
that will ensure these
new patterns

Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore…

Mindfully Nourished is here!

This 8 week LIVE course will serve as your guide and support you in rediscovering a healthy and compassionate relationship to your mind, your body, your relationships, and your life so that you can really live a life you love!

Drawing on recent research in the fields of integrative medicine, positive psychology, mindfulness, nutrition, and behavior change, Carley integrates her experiences as an integrative life coach, former researcher, workplace consultant, and long-time practitioner and teacher of meditation in the Mindfully Nourished course. Carley Hauck offers a clear presentation of the foundational practices of mindfulness and how it can support you to live a fully nourished life at work and home.

The Mindfully Nourished Story…

Carley Hauck

If you don’t know me yet, my name is Carley Hauck. I developed the curriculum for this course over 9 years ago. At the time I developed the course, I was deeply learning and practicing various techniques of meditation, self love, behavior change, and healthy nutrition in my life. I experienced many years of difficulty, insecurity, mental/physical exhaustion, and a very strong inner critic.

I developed this step by step process, which helped me to turn my life around. I began to nourish and love myself in ways I had never experienced and a whole new world of opportunities and happiness emerged into my life.

Two years after teaching this course, I was invited to be a lead consultant on research observing the long term benefits of mindfulness as it related to weight loss, greater stress resiliency, well being, and prevention of disease. Since, then I have been a lead consultant on four research studies proving that this curriculum and these methods really work! Additionally, I have been fortunate to teach this course to thousands of people all over the world in worksites, community centers, at UC Berkeley, Stanford University, and now online.

I have made powerful shifts in my life that align with my greatest happiness, health, and purpose and I couldn’t have done it without the tools I am sharing with you in this course. I am teaching this course online, incorporating all of the successful techniques I have used in the past as well as inviting 6 special friends and colleagues to greater support you to live a fully nourished life.

So what is the secret? Nourishment is not something you get from the outside, it starts from within.

But there’s a catch: making the commitment to transform yourself is really only the first step. If you don’t actually follow through on your commitment and make the specific transformations necessary to create this kind of life, you’ll only waste your time on internal work that won’t take you a single step closer to the life you really desire.

In my “Mindfully Nourished Course”, I will guide you step by step through each phase of this proven process in just 8 weeks, and in less than two months, you will train your mind, open your heart, and learn to nourish yourself and your body in a way you have never done before. From this healthy foundation, you can fully access and live a life you love.

Here is what you will discover in the Mindfully Nourished Course:

Class 1: Create calm
among the rapids of life

  • Learn what mindfulness is and what it isn’t.

  • Develop the practice of pause and access greater peace and calm no matter where you are.

  • Create an intention you will manifest in the next 8 weeks.


Class 2: Fulfill all your
hungers without the guilt

  • Enjoy mindful eating and be satisfied with less food.

  • Become mindful of how foods affect your overall health and well-being.

  • Discover what you’re really hungry for as we explore the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger.

  • Identify what truly nourishes you!

Class : Fulfill all your hungers without the guilt

Class 3: Naturally eat
just what your body needs

  • Understand the basics of healthy nutrition and what foods work best for you and your unique body.

  • Learn the healing powers of food as medicine…and how eating a healthy diet is the foundation for greater happiness, ease, and health.

  • Develop a practice in mindful cooking.

Class 3: Naturally eat just what your body needs

Class 4: Ignite your vitality

  • Cultivate more resiliency around your stress triggers.

  • Create a structured and sustainable sleep, exercise, and healthy eating plan.

  • Learn how to change your habits for good!

Class 4: Ignite your vitality

Class 5: Choose love over fear

  • See how to look for the good and combat your negativity bias.

  • Learn how to work with your inner critic with the powerful practice of loving-kindness.

  • Develop compassion for yourself and others even when it is difficult.

Class 5: Turn judgment into love yourself and others

Class 6: Turn Emotional
Upset Into Acceptance

  • Learn how to identify your feelings and therefore understand what you MOST need in the moment.

  • Discover how to be with difficult emotions and release them easily.

  • Master the ability to express feeling and needs skillfully to access your greatest potential in life, love, and livelihood.

Class 6: Turn Emotional Upset Into Acceptance

Class 7: Surf the ups and downs with inner strength

  • Learn how “being with” increases inner resilience so that you can surf through the ups and downs of life with ease.

  • Cultivate more compassion, the greatest motivator towards real change.

  • Gain power over your cravings.

Class 7: Stay compassionate even in the hardest moments

Class 8: Be confident
in every relationship

  • Undertand the keys to create intimacy and connection in all of your relationships.

  • Discover how forgiveness and acceptance are the keys to long-term happiness and fulfillment in your relationships.

  • Learn the art of empathetic listening and how it can re-vitalize and deepen all your relationships.

Class 8: Be confident in every relationship

Kudos for Carley’s work

“I am going through life with more peace and clarity.”

I have increased the amount of respect I give to my body and for the first time in my life, I have started to offer myself compassion. I meditate 6x a week for 20 minutes, and go through life with more peace and clarity about what is really important to me.

Sue. J

“My main intention for the class was to create a healthier relationship to food and learn how to really nourish myself.”

My main intention for the class was to create a healthier relationship to food and really nourish myself without food. I have found more energy, joy, and have made health and my relationships important priorities again.

Mark N.

“I joined this course to increase my self love.”

I joined this course to increase my self love. I have had years of depression and shame about myself and the choices I have made. Loving – kindness is one of the practices in the course that has been transformational.

I am less judgmental of myself and others. More grateful. I tell myself I am beautiful and I really take it in! I am gentle and compassionate to myself these days and it makes me feel satisfied and happy :)

Meredith L.

“I feel more confident and excited about my life than I have in years.”

I came into the course with the complaint that we all have, I don’t have time for myself. I am the one in the family that is the backbone for everyone and as a result I feel overwhelmed and depleted. I feel stuck in my life.

My intention was to start listening to my feelings, my needs, and not everyone elses all the time. I also am ready to make a career move for greater work life balance. I started exercising more, I am meditating regularly, and I have begun looking for another career that is a better fit and I have my first interview this week! I feel more confident and excited about my life than I have in years. Thank you!

Cynthia M.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get in the 8 week “Mindfully Nourished” class

  • 8 – 75 minute classes for continual review

  • 8 downloadable handouts of the classes

  • Weekly mindful audios

  • Weekly healthy recipes

  • Weekly inspiration emails and practice reminders

  • 6 expert speaker interviews

  • Private Facebook Community Page to connect with our amazing community


wooden cottage house

A full daylong retreat for real live practice on 3/26, 10am-4pm in a beautiful retreat like setting and home in the hills of Oakland, CA.

Why Mindfully Nourished is more
comprehensive and effective than other courses.

What outcomes have I seen from past participants?

  • Increased consumption of fruits, vegetables, and healthy eating.

  • Increased emotional regulation

  • Expanded mindfulness and awareness of ones body, emotions, and surroundings

  • Enjoy food more and be satisfied with less

  • Increased awareness of eating patterns

  • Increased positive emotions

  • Greater resiliency to stress

  • Greater happiness and confidence at work and in ones relationships.

  • Increased immune system health

  • Better self care practices (sleep, eating, exercise).

  • Improved attention and concentration

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Lower blood glucose levels

  • Greater compassion towards self and others

  • Higher self esteem and confidence

How Much Will You Need to Invest in Yourself to
Engineer The Life-Long Changes You Most Desire?

By now you must be wondering how much you’ll need to invest in yourself to get the expert guidance and hand holding you need to manifest the changes you most desire this year?

Many of the experts in this class charge a minimum of $500-$1,000 to give a one hour talk. So you might expect a gathering of experts at this level willing to provide this kind of personal guidance would cost thousands of dollars…

But, because they’re all good personal friends and colleagues of mine and wish to support this practice & mission…

I’m not going to charge you anything near what you might expect.

Your full investment for the entire class will be…

Get all of this for just $447

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Don’t decide today whether this is for you. You have a 7 day trial to try it out and if you don’t believe that this wasn’t the best decision you made to engineer the life changes you crave then just shoot us an email by the end of the second session and we’ll promptly and courteously refund your money… no questions asked. I can’t be anymore invested in your success than that.

Carley Hauck

Class Instructor:
Carley Hauck, MA

Carley is the founder of Intuitive Wellness and works as an integrative life coach, instructor, mindful researcher, and wellness consultant with individuals and worksite organizations such as LinkedIn and Bank of the West. Carley holds a Masters Degree in health psychology and has backgrounds in yoga, meditation, psychotherapy, coaching, organizational development, and nutrition. Carley is a graduate of Spirit Rock’s Dedicated Practitioners Program and has had a long-standing meditation and yoga practice.

She specializes in using mindfulness as the first step towards greater well being at home and work. Carley has been a lead consultant in several research studies observing the long-term benefits of mindfulness as it relates to health, well-being, and the prevention of disease. Carley teaches on the subjects of Mindful  Nourishment, Becoming a Better You, and Food as Medicine at Stanford University.


What our AMAZING speakers will bring!



How to find your groove at home and work

  • How to achieve more by doing less.

  • “Taking recess” in sync with the brains needs for rest.

  • Learn how to say “No” with confidence.

Dan Barber


Whole Farm Cooking

  • Learn from a world famous chef and cook with greater skill and flavor

  • Eat and cook from the whole farm and learn to love leftovers.

  • Be a connoisseur and choose quality foods over quantity.



Manifest your Joy!

  • Learn how to incline the mind toward joy.

  • Tune into what creates joy in your life and
    manifest it fully.

  • Learning how to find joy even in
    difficult times.

Juna and Justin Milano


Power of Vulnerability

  • Learn how to be more vulnerable and create greater intimacy and connection in your relationships.

  • Feel comfortable expressing bigger emotions without the conflict.

  • Cultivate compassion and understanding so that you can accept the other as they are.



Practicing Skillfully with Difficult Thoughts and Emotions

  • Learn how to respond vs. react with challenging thoughts & emotions.

  • Develop new ways to come back into balance.

  • Embrace love, kindness, and compassion to nourish the mind and heart.



Soothe stress the healthy way

  • Learn why managing your stress is the #1 key to hormone balance and long-term health

  • Find out how to tell if your adrenal function needs a boost.

  • Cultivate the 3 Rhythms to Save Yourself from Stress

Get all of this for just $447

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We also offer an easy 2 payment method
Just 2 monthly payments of $224 each

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More kudos for Carley’s work

“…I have found a way to be a source of calm and support for myself…”

A goal of mine was to be a positive influence in the lives of the people around me. From this course, I have found a way to be a source of calm and support for myself and therefore for others in my life.

Thank You! Pam F.

“…I have finally found the instruction manual for living.”

I met Carley when she came to my workplace to teach a mindfulness course. Just when life was turning most purposeless and confusing, Carley taught me there is a way of looking inside at all that mess, and turn it into peace. I feel like I have finally found the instruction manual for living.


PS: Remember, you’ll get more expert guidance and support to engineer the life-long changes you crave the most than virtually anywhere else…or you’ll get your money back. You’ve got literally nothing to lose…
register now!

Carley Hauck

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